Graduate Research Excellence Grants

In 2018, SSE expanded its awards program for graduate students. This new program includes two tiers of awards: one for early PhD students and one for advanced PhD students. These awards are named for eminent evolutionary biologists also known for their strong mentorship and training of young evolutionary biologists: The GREG R.C. Lewontin Early Award, and the GREG Rosemary Grant Advanced Award.

Click here to view previous winners of the Rosemary Grant Award (2010-2018). Click here to view all recipients of the Graduate Research Excellence Grants.

Graduate Research Excellence Grant (GREG) – R.C. Lewontin Early Award

Graduate Research Excellence Grant (GREG) - Rosemary Grant Advanced Award

The GREG – R.C. Lewontin Early Awards are to assist students in the early stages of their Ph.D. programs by enabling them to collect preliminary data (to pursue additional sources of support) or to enhance the scope of their research beyond current funding limits (e.g. by visiting additional field sites, or working at other labs). Awards up to $2500. Students need to confirm that the proposed work is outside of funding already held by the student or advisor. Proposals are due mid February. 

The GREG - Rosemary Grant Advanced Awards are to assist students in the later stages of their Ph.D. programs. Funds can be used to enhance the scope of dissertation research, such as to conduct additional experiments or field work. Awards up to $3500. Only advanced* Ph.D. students whose defense date is more than 12 months from the proposal due date are eligible. Eligibility can be confirmed by the advisor or graduate director stating that the student fulfills these requirements. Students should confirm that the proposed work is outside the scope of other funding currently held by either the student or their advisor. Proposals will be due September 15 2019. Learn more

*See full instructions for definition.

Past Recipients

2019 Recipients

R.C. Lewontin Early Award

Valentina Alaasam, University of Nevada, Reno. Advisor: Jenny Ouyang
Aurora Alvarez-Buylla,
Stanford University. Advisor: Lauren O'Connell
Matthew Biddick,
Victoria University of Wellington. Advisor: Kevin Burns
Amanda Cicchino,
Colorado State University. Advisor: W. Chris Funk
Reena Debray,
University of California, Berkeley. Advisor: Britt Koskella
Paul Dougherty,
University of Wyoming. Advisor: Matthew Carling
Trevor Faske,
University of Nevada, Reno. Advisor: Thomas Parchman
Benjamin Flanagan,
University of Southern California. Advisor: Suzanne Edmands
Connor French,
City University of New York. Advisor: Michael Hickerson
Kaitlyn Howell,
University of Texas at Arlington. Advisor: Matthew Walsh
Abigail Howell,
Arizona State University. Advisor: Reed Cartwright
Mounica Kota,
University of Minnesota. Advisor: Marlene Zuk
Jose Maldonado,
Univeristy of Texas At Arlington. Advisor: Matthew Fujita
Olivia Meyerson,
Harvard University. Advisor: Hopi Hoekstra
Libby Natola,
University of British Columbia. Advisor: Darren Irwin
Alaina Petlewski,
Cornell University. Advisor: Fay-Wei Li
Logan Sauers,
Illinois State University. Advisor: Ben Sadd
Daniel Shaw,
University of Georgia. Advisor: Michael White
Kayla Stoy,
Emory University. Advisor: Nicole Gerardo
Elena Suglia,
University of California, Davis. Advisor: Jennifer Gremer
Emilie-Katherine Tavernier,
University of Florida. Advisor: Stuart McDaniel
Takuji Usui,
University of British Columbia. Advisor: Amy Angert
Brooke Washburn,
University of Denver. Advisor: Robin Tinghitella
Jia Zheng,
University of Groningen. Advisor: Jan Komdeur

Context statement: We received 157 GREG-R.C. Lewontin Early Award applications. The evaluation committee, Chaired by VP Tracey Chapman, selected 24 proposals for funding. Based on inferences from given names, 56.7% of Lewontin applicants and 62.5% of the winners are women. The evaluation committee consisted of 6 women and 3 men; 3 reviewers are GSAC members.  

2018 Recipients

R.C. Lewontin Early Award

Aaron-Jay Alcala, University of Georgia. Advisor: Douglas Menke
Abrar Aljiboury, Syracuse University. Advisor: Jannice Friedman
Christina Balentine, The University of Texas at Austin. Advisor: Deborah Bolnick
Noori Choi, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Advisor: Eileen Hebets
Derek Filipek, University of Kentucky. Advisor: David Weisrock
Kerry Gendreau, Virginia Tech. Advisor: Joel McGlothlin
Aaron Griffing, Marquette University. Advisor: Tony Gamble
Sonal Gupta, University of Michigan. Advisor: Regina Baucom
Natalia Gutierrez-Pinto, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Advisor: Jay Storz
Lucas Henry, Princeton University. Advisor: Julien Ayroles
Jessica Hernandez, Virginia Tech. Advisor: Ignacio Moore
Anna Hiller, Louisiana State University. Advisor: Brant Faircloth
Michael Itgen, Colorado State University. Advisor: Rachel Mueller
Deidre Keating, University of Georgia. Advisor: Jill Anderson
Olivia Kosterlitz, University of Washington. Advisor: Ben Kerr
Emily Laub, University of Michigan. Advisor: Elizabeth Tibbetts
Emily Levy, Duke University. Advisor: Susan Alberts
Rachel MacTavish, University of Georgia. Advisor: Jill Anderson
Emily Powell, University of Miami. Advisor: J. Albert C. Uy
Bryan Reatini, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Advisor: Todd Vision
Alexander Shephard, University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Advisor: Emilie Snell-Rood
Ken Thompson, University of British Columbia. Advisor: Dolph Schluter

Rosemary Grant Advanced Award

John Benning, University of Minnesota. Advisor: David Moeller
William Booker, Florida State University. Advisor: Emily Lemmon
Nicole Forrester, University of Pittsburgh. Advisor: Tia-Lynn Ashman
Benjamin Goulet, Harvard University. Advisor: Robin Hopkins
Ryan Greenway, Kansas State University. Advisor: Michael Tobler
Haley Kenyon, Queen's University. Advisor: Paul Martin
Justine Lamperty, Rice University. Advisor: Amy Dunham
Rachel Moran, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Advisor: Becky Fuller
Victoria Morgan, University of California, Davis. Advisor: Richard Grosberg
William Shoemaker, Indiana University Bloomington. Advisor: Jay Lennon
Brian Tanis, Oregon State University. Advisor: Rebecca Terry
Su'ad Yoon, University of Nevada Reno. Advisor: Matthew Forister

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