Financial Reports

In an effort to be fiscally transparent to SSE members, we will provide financial information in a series of reports. This first report provides an overview of the society’s annual income and annual expense budget. Subsequent reports will provide information on actual expenditures for each year and any changes to our income or budget allocations. View the full 2018 report:

Questions or comments should be directed to Mark Rausher, President of SSE:



SSE currently has an annual budget of approximately $655,000. Income derives from three sources: dues and donations from members; revenue from our journals (Evolution and Evolution Letters); interest on our investment accounts. The amount of income from these sources can vary from year to year, especially the investment income, which can make budgeting challenging. However, typical proportions are shown in the figure to the left, with more than half of our income derived from journal revenue. 

SSE earns investment income from its Endowment funds, which currently stand at approximately $3.8M. This large balance provides annual income for the Society’s activities as well as a cushion in years in which income from other sources declines. The current budget allocation plan aims to maintain the endowment principal at its current level.  Although spending down the endowment principal is an option, the consequence would be decreased annual income, which would mean cutting future funding for some of SSE’s activities. Such a decision would have to be recommended by the Finance Committee and adopted by the SSE Council, keeping in mind the Society’s mission to promote “the study of organic evolution and the integration of various fields of science concerned with evolution.”


Expenditures can be divided into two major categories: discretionary and non-discretionary. Non-discretionary expenses include those essential to the general operations of the Society and costs related to publishing and managing our journals. These costs currently represent about 42% of our annual expenses. Without these, the society would not be sustainable.

Our two largest discretionary expenses are Awards & Grants program and our Education & Outreach activities, which together make up 38% of our annual expense budget.

The remaining 20% of our annual budget supports relatively new activities related to communications, professional development workshops, public policy work, diversity events, and SSE Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC) activities.  

What types of activities does SSE support?

Education & Outreach

Darwin Day Road Show
US Science & Engineering festival
Undergraduate Diversity at Evolution
Annual Education symposium
Small Grants for Local / Regional Outreach
Gould Award for Public Outreach
Huxley Award for Evolution Education

Public Policy

Congressional Visit Days & Congressional District Visits through AIBS
Open letters to elected officials on issues
Workshops on how to engage in policy for science
Panel discussions at Evolution


Annual Diversity events at Evolution
Surveys to document diversity of our membership
International Travel Awards
Funds for dependent care for Symposium speakers
Evolution International Events & Symposia
Safe Evolution

Graduate Students & Postdocs (GSAC)

Voting members of SSE Council
Graduate Research Grants (GREGs)
Hamilton Symposium at Evolution
Travel Awards to Evolution
Funds for Undergraduate Day at Evolution
Reduced fees for membership and meeting registration


Monthly newsletters
Evolution Community Blog
New Faculty Profiles
Web and social media

Professional Development

Early Career Vocational (EVO) workshops
Diverse Career workshops at Evolution

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