Conferences: Safe Evolution: Evo Allies

Contributed by kjm34 on May 21, 2019 - 04:49 PM

Beginning at Evolution 2019 in Providence, our meetings will include a group of vetted and trained attendees who will serve the community as Evo Allies. The role of an Evo Ally is to serve as a visible colleague who is available to offer support to Evolution Meeting participants who are targets of, or who witness, inappropriate behavior. The Evo Allies will be trained by our professional safety officer, Dr. Sherry Marts [1]. Evo Allies do not participate in any aspect of investigating reports or sanctioning. Evo Allies commit to creating safe spaces at the meeting by serving as active bystanders.

This year’s Evo Allies are: Dean Adams, Cecile Ane, Rayna Bell, Dan Bolnick, Butch Brodie, Jeremy Brown, Kelsey Byers, Daren Card, Nancy Chen, Sam Church, Nancy Emery, Anahi Espindola, Gabby Guilhon, Tracy Heath, Emily Josephs, Laura Lagomarsino, Chris Moore, Corrie Moreau, Susan Perkins, Samantha Price, Leslie Rissler, Sharon Strauss, Josef Uyeda, Jodie Wiggins, and Melissa Wilson. Look for their Evo Ally badges at the meeting. Read more about Safe Evolution here [2].